Website Development And Management

Website Development And Management


Every business person understands the importance of an online presence. In fact, your business is legitimized by having a website that prospective and existing customers can browse for products/services.

What is a website ?

a website is a set of linked website pages pinpointed under a singular domain name, commonly produced by a person or organization. Examples of websites are Facebook, Google, Netflix and of course Creatrix Empire. 

All websites that are publicly accessible make up the World Wide Web. Private websites also exist, they can only be accessed on a private network.



Business Website

a business website serves as a host for the company to provide information about the company. Examples of notable business websites are : GoDaddy, Squarespace, Word Press and Wix.


Advantages Of A Website For Your Business

  1. A website serves as an anchor for marketing.
  2. A website helps small businesses compete with larger brands.
  3. A website allows you to be the driver of your online movement.
  4. A website is simple and affordable to set up.
  5. A website helps your brand build credibility.
  6. A website connects your brand without prospective customers.
  7. A website keeps you in-touch with your existing customers.
  8. A website helps promote and sell your products and services.


Need Help Setting Up A Website For Your Business ? 


Creatrix Empire Limited offers website development and management services. Our team of skilled web developers will help develop a functional and easy-to-use website for your business. We also offer maintenance services for your website. Our capable team of experts are at your service, all at an affordable rate.

Our offices are located at Unit 3, Plot 408, Omofade Crescent, Omole Phase1 Ikeja. Also contact us via : our website or our Instagram @creatrixempirestudio.

New customers are liable to a discounts on a web development and maintenance services. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.