Creatrix Empire International Limited Visits The Makoko Dream Foundation

As part of our periodic community outreach, Creatrix Empire International Limited visited the Makoko Dream Foundation, a foundation that caters to the welfare of the educationally disadvantaged children living in Makoko.

Makoko is one of Nigeria’s biggest slum, located on the coast of mainland Lagos, with a population of over 80, 000, according to the  national population census held in 2006. The area is largely dominated by the Egun people and Republic of Benin and their main occupation is fishing. the area is largely covered by water which limits transportation options as their only means of transportation is by canoe.

Residents of the community, especially the children, have very limited resources at their disposal and have to make do with whatever they get, just to survive. the state of living in the environment is very poor and the children do not even have access to proper education and standard educational facilities.

As a brand committed to lending a helping hand to struggling communities, we took it upon ourselves to reach out to the Makoko community and provided the children with educational materials, books, pens and other learning tools.

We also made sure the children had fun as we engaged them in quizzes, trivia, talent competitions, games, presented them with gifts and goodies and offered a few words of encouragement.

Confidence, one of the residents of the Makoko community and a student of the Makoko Dream Foundation stated how excited she was about our visit.